Now when the Swift Package Manager is here, and the whole infrastructure becomes much better, we face fewer problems with integrating third-party libraries in our projects. But back in the day and even now, Cocoapods users can get into confusing situations with their libraries. Let’s have a look at one of the trickiest of those problems.

It’s the “Undefined symbols for architecture x” error. I faced it many times, but an example I’ll show related to the StackOverflow discussion with confused people trying to fix their projects but breaking things even more.

So imagine you decided to integrate into your…

UI designers are always unsatisfied with default look of elements and trying to show own creativity through custom looking controls. And you as the person who in charge of implementing designs in code could be frustrated with difficulty and inflexibility of UIKit default controls. Here I want to share some tips and snippets for customizing UISearchBar objects.

Imagine the situation where your task is to make search bar match the application’s color scheme.

First of all, let’s review most obvious coloring options and realize it’s not obvious at all.

searchBar.backgroundColor =

Alex Nadein

Senior iOS Engineer

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